At Sit & Sigh, our focus is on your well-being and quality of life.  Our unique, patent-pending range of cushions, coming soon, are designed to help you to be able to sit on a soft, comfortable surface no matter where you are – home, office, car, train, even in the bath. The aim of our products is to help reduce contact and pressure on the tailbone and spinal column. Wherever you need to relax and feel better, Sit & Sigh can help. 

Pregnancy Pain

Conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain can rob you of the joy your pregnancy should bring. Sit & Sigh products position your body at the optimum angle to reduce pain, giving you comfort and relief. Learn more about the types of discomfort you might experience.

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Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people and can rob you of your quality of life. Sit & Sigh’s unique cushions can provide an effective, soft surface to sit on and help your overall posture. Find out more about back pain here.

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Our Products

View our innovative, patent-pending range of cushions. Designed to meet your individual needs, our products’ focus is to help give you back the freedom and normality that back and pelvic pain has taken away.

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Don’t take our word for it. Those who have used our products say it best! Read reviews and testimonials from actual Sit & Sigh product testers.

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