At Sit & Sigh, our focus is on your well-being and quality of life.  Our unique range of cushions help you sit better.

Our products are designed to reduce contact and pressure on the tailbone, improve posture and relieve low back pain.  

Our philosophy is simple: Comfy Bum, Happy Body. 


We focus on people who may have difficulty sitting or just want to be more comfortable as they go about their day.

Our products address needs of people in these broad categories: 


Conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain can rob you of the joy your pregnancy should bring.

Sit & Sigh products position your body at the optimum angle to take pressure off your tailbone, and provide a gentle tilt to your pelvis to make more room for baby.


As we age, many people experience loss of body mass and can find sitting less comfortable than they used to.

Our products provide an exceptionally soft surface to sit on and may make rising out of a chair easier due to our thick wedge designs.


For those working in an office setting, sitting may take up a huge part of your day. Help reduce fatigue and pressure on your low back and tailbone with our plush cushions.

A much more practical option than expensive ergonomic chairs. 


We often overlook what we actually do for long drives, long-haul flights or even the daily commute – we sit!

Our patent-pending folding design provides a discreet, portable cushion gives you a soft surface to help reduce pressure points.