The cushion for all-day comfort


The unique folding cushion
to sit in comfort on the go


The ultimate cushion for pressure
relief and comfort in the bath


Adjustable back support
for comfort in any chair


The cushion for
all-day comfort


The folding cushion for
comfort on the go


The cushion for comfort and
pressure relief in the bath


Add back support and
comfort to any chair

We all sit. Why not do it better?

 Our philosophy is simple: Comfy Bum, Happy Body.

  Improve your posture, relieve pain and pressure, and sit comfortably. 


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Our extra-plush wedge cushion for all-day comfort. The patented design promotes good posture and pressure relief. Choose from Soft, Medium or Firm to suit you.

Go product

Sit & Sigh GO

A unique, patented design goes from cube to cushion in one second flat! Compact and discreet, it’s ideal for those on the go who have trouble sitting comfortably.

Bath product

Sit & Sigh BATH

Ideal for anyone with tailbone pain who can’t sit comfortably in the bath. Great for pressure relief or for a more relaxing bath experience during pregnancy.

Lumbar product image

Sit & Sigh LUMBAR

Height-adjustable lumbar support that stays in place.  Adjust it once and that’s it. Turn any chair into an ergonomic chair and treat your back to support and comfort.

Expert Opinion of Sit & Sigh Products:

If you suffer from pelvic pain and back pain, or want to improve your posture and comfort when sitting, listen to a physiotherapist explain how Sit & Sigh can help you. 

What do our customers say about us?

I think this is an excellent product - I don't know why something like this hasn't been produced before.
Karen S. Hertfordshire
I don't think there could be any improvement with this product - it's the best and most supportive I've ever tried!
Fiona M. Ireland
I felt relief with Sciatica and mild relief with back pain. I liked the look of the product - it doesn't look like a medical device. Easy to carry.
Barry G. Glasgow
Well designed, very compact and easy to carry around and very comfortable. I can't fault this product at all.
Kim S. Kilsyth
This cushion is fantastic. I couldn't believe how much it helped with my pelvic pain, right from first use.
Cathy McG. Newtownabbey
The coccyx cutout really helped me. I particularly found it useful when I was sitting on hard, uncomfortable seats. It relieves pressure in the right places.
Lucy R. Oxfordshire
At work on a computer chair for long hours, this cushion was perfect.
Keira W. Darlington
This cushion has allowed me to sit in comfort at my dining room table for the first time in years.
Jenny B. York

Do Our Products Work?


of people found our products effective in relieving pain and discomfort during use

*Self-assessment of 53 people


See how we can help you be more comfortable depending on your specific needs.

Man working at desk

At Work or Home

If you sit for long periods during the day, we can help you be more comfortable and promote better posture. See the benefits of Sit & Sigh cushions here.

Pregnant woman in cafe

During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, many women can experience pregnancy-related low back pain, pelvic pain and conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. See how we can help.

Man waiting for train

Comfort on the Go

Whether a long flight abroad or short drive to the coffee shop—almost any trip away from home involves sitting. See how we can make you more comfortable.

Mature woman painting

Older Adults

As we age, we may experience medical issues or changes that make sitting comfortably more difficult. See how we can help you or someone close to you.

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