About Us and Our Journey

Sit & Sigh came out of a very real need to find a practical solution to a painful problem.

In 2008, my wife and I had the wonderful news that we were expecting our first child. The following months were filled with the typical excitement, joy and fear that new parents experience. The pregnancy was proceeding wonderfully for the first few months. Then, quite literally out of nowhere in her second trimester, my wife developed severe Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). We later learned her condition was known more specifically as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). The bottom line was that for the remainder of her pregnancy she was completely bed-ridden.

Her condition made it nearly impossible to sit without agonizing pain in her tailbone, thighs and groin.

Initially, there was a real struggle to have the right diagnosis from midwives and doctors, and even after we had been referred to a physiotherapist, it became quite apparent that there was little they could offer her in the way of relief. She was given the old rubber donut ring (often associated with piles) which was useless.

After several months of struggling with debilitating pain (which thankfully eased but never fully disappeared after giving birth), we began to take a look at what was out there for people suffering with this pain.

Unfortunately, the results were . . . not much. There seemed to be a wide array of coccyx cushions to help relieve pressure, but most of the cushions were almost completely identical and made no allowances for differences in body type, weight, or where you needed relief from the pain.  Additionally, cushion companies seem to think our pain goes away when we travel or take a bath.

And so, after some serious contemplation following my wife’s order to “Make a better cushion!!” Sit & Sigh was born.

And so, here we are with two patents and a range of cushions, ready to offer a new approach to an old idea, after lots of pain, trial, error and testing. We have constructed and designed this range of cushions to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. Additionally, along our journey we have consulted physiotherapists, midwives, orthopaedic surgeons, medical professionals, and people suffering from pain in order to create products that truly set themselves apart in function, design and, above all, comfort.

We sincerely hope Sit & Sigh products bring you the same relief they brought to our family.

With thanks,



Be sure to check out our BLOG to see tips on how to cope with SPD during pregnancy, read up on my wife’s first-hand account of her pain and maybe even have a laugh while you’re there

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