Why Sit & Sigh BATH?

Sit & Sigh BATH addresses the question that many people with coccyx, pelvic or back pain ask: “How can I have a bath without pressure and pain on sensitive areas?”

Experts often recommend a warm bath to soothe aches and pains. But for those with coccyx pain in particular, sitting on a hard bath surface puts all your weight directly over your tailbone. Having a bath as recommended just hasn’t been an option until now.

Who Is It For?

Sit & Sigh BATH offers practical relief for anyone who has issues with the tailbone. This may be through injury, pregnancy-related pain or tissue degeneration.

As an excellent option for homecare our bath cushion is a cost effective alternative to specialist bathing equipment.

And Sit & Sigh BATH isn’t just great for those with pain, it’s also perfect for anyone wanting a more luxuirous, comfortable bathing experience.

What Can It Do?

Sit & Sigh BATH’s clamshell design positions you up and away from the hard bath surface, creating space under your tailbone, and at the base of your spine.

The patented cutout shape supports the pelvic ‘sit bones’ while the wide gap at the rear removes pressure on the lower back and tailbone.

Whether or not you have pain, Sit & Sigh BATH can enhance the quality of any bath.

Hear an expert's opinion of the Sit & Sigh BATH cushion.

A physiotherapist gives her view of how effective the Sit & Sigh BATH cushion can be at helping those with pelvic pain.


Sit & Sigh BATH can make a bath even better with
pressure relief in all the right places
Boosts the coccyx up and away
from a hard bath surface to
remove direct pressure
Padded backrest provides
a soft, more comfortable
surface to lean on
Rear-facing slope keeps
you from sliding forward
when relaxing
Multiple suction cups
keep your cushion
securely in place
Simply deflate and roll
away for easy storage
when not in use
Patented cutout supports
the pelvis without direct
pressure on the coccyx

How Sit & Sigh BATH can benefit you

Pregnant woman in cafe

During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, during pregnancy some women can develop low back pain and conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. Check here to see how Sit & Sigh BATH and our other products may help make you more comfortable.

Mature woman painting

Older Adults

As we age, we may experience medical issues that make sitting comfortably more difficult. For older adults or those needing assistance, not just bathing can be difficult. See how we might be able to help in other ways.

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