Why Sit & Sigh GO?

Sit & Sigh GO offers a fresh approach to the travel cushion.

We often underestimate how long we sit throughout the day, usually just counting our time sitting at work. But what about daily commutes, sitting for meals, going out for coffee, or even sitting for a haircut?

Studies show that when you add all that time up, we can sit for up to 14 hours a day!

Who Is It For?

Sit & Sigh GO is ideal for people on the go. Great for the car, train, bus, or just a day around town.

Have a long-haul flight coming up? Why not spare yourself the discomfort of an economy seat and give yourself a first-class experience.

If you or someone you know has trouble sitting comfortably, make sure Sit & Sigh GO is there to help.

What Can It Do?

The Sit & Sigh GO’s unique design reduces low back pain and pressure on the coccyx to give you a more comfortable seat anywhere.

The wedge-shape slightly tilts your pelvis forward and keeps the natural ‘S’-curve of your lower back as you sit.

When you have pain while sitting, you don’t get to leave that pain at home or the office. Sit & Sigh GO gives you freedom to go out and not be afraid to sit.

What Does an Expert Think of Sit & Sigh GO?

Listen to what a physiotherapist says about the unique
Sit & Sigh GO folding travel cushion.


Sit & Sigh GO is a ground-breaking seating solution
Improve posture and reduce
pressure on the coccyx
Compact, patented design has
just 1/4 of the footprint of
non-folding seat cushions
Feather-light design weighs
just 490 grams
Handle makes it easy to
carry or strap onto a
pram or bike
Opens to fit a full-size chair
Double-layer design provides
support while keeping its shape
Patented cutout shape removes
pressure on the coccyx while
supporting the pelvis

How Sit & Sigh GO can benefit you

Man waiting for train

Comfort on the Go

Long flights and drives or a quick trip out to the coffee shop—when you have trouble sitting you don’t get to leave the pain behind. See what Sit & Sigh can do for you.

Pregnant woman in cafe

During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, many women can experience pregnancy-related low back pain and conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. See how Sit & Sigh products may be able to help.

Man working at desk

At Work or Home

If you sit for long periods during the day, have a daily commute, or suffer from low back pain or pelvic pain, see the benefits of Sit & Sigh GO and our other products for you.

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