Why Sit & Sigh LUMBAR?

Lumbar cushions can be a very cost-effective way to add ergonomic qualities to any chair. The problem is that many existing lumbar cushions constantly slip down or move out of place.

What good is a cushion that you constantly have to adjust?

Sit & Sigh LUMBAR fixes the problem of having to reposition your cushion thanks to its 3-point harness – just set it once and forget it!

Who Is It For?

Designed to be used with any chair, the Sit & Sigh LUMBAR is ideal for anyone who wants lower back support whilst sitting.

Perfect for office workers, the Sit & Sigh LUMBAR adds more comfort and support for a fraction of the cost of expensive ergonomic chairs. Sit & Sigh LUMBAR also works well for women affected by pregnancy-related low back pain.

Sit & Sigh LUMBAR is a great for use with irregular shaped chairs or slippery materials like wood or plastic.

What Can It Do?

The Sit & Sigh LUMBAR is designed to provide gentle support to your lower back and maintain the natural ‘S’-curve of your spine as you sit.

By supporting your lower back, the Sit & Sigh LUMBAR can encourage better posture and reduce strain when sitting for long periods.

The sides of the LUMBAR cushion wrap slightly around the sides of your back to support a more upright sitting position.

What does an expert think of Sit & Sigh LUMBAR?

Hear an expert view on how Sit & Sigh LUMBAR can help you.


Key features that make Sit & Sigh LUMBAR stand out from the crowd

Lumbar spine support
in any type of chair

Adjustable height to
find the perfect spot

Breathable mesh cover to
keep you cooler for longer

Unique 3-point harness keeps
your cushion in place
once you adjust it

How Sit & Sigh LUMBAR can benefit you

Man working at desk

At Work or Home

If you sit for long periods during the day, have a daily commute, or suffer from low back pain or pelvic pain, see the benefits of this and other Sit & Sigh products for you.

Pregnant woman in cafe

During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, many women can experience pregnancy-related low back pain and conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. See how Sit & Sigh products may be able to help.

Man waiting for train

Comfort on the Go

Long flights and drives or a quick trip out to the coffee shop—when you have trouble sitting you don’t get to leave the pain behind. See what our products can do for you.

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