Part One: Has Pregnancy Broken My Tailbone?

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Hi Everyone,

I’m going to preface this post with a disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: This whole blogging thing is new to me, and at this very moment things seem quite awkward, but ‘Hi all.’ Like most of you, I have been a reader of blogs for many years, and as a result, I have become adept at judging bloggers for their grammatical errors and ‘poor content’ for years. Oh, how the mighty judger of blogs has fallen! Now that the colloquial shoe is on the other foot, I just want to say that everyone is welcome here to read, comment, learn and hopefully laugh too. I hope to bring you useful stories, info, facts and other things about back pain, pelvic pain, surgeries, pregnancies, and everything in-between. What on earth are we here for if not to share our pain, right?

Let me begin with my story . . .


My partner and I discovered we were expecting a baby when I was half way through my PhD. If nothing else, we should be experts in bad timing. Um, yeah, we weren’t so bright with our timing, but we managed in the end. I wouldn’t suggest or recommend having a baby while working on a PhD, but that’s another story.

Anyway, the first trimester was filled with the typical cluelessness of first-time-parents-to-be. We pretended we weren’t panicking but we secretly were . . . well, at least I was. Still, we decided not to buy too many books for fear of information overload.

Also, there are so many books out there by every celebrity you can think of who has had a baby that I was skeptical of celebrity advice. People have been having babies for millennia without the expert advice of baby books by Cleopatra or Godiva or Anne Boleyn, so I thought we’d be okay without a parenting book by celebrity X.



All 6 papyri of this book sold out within 3 decades.


We bought one book by a respected obstetrician/mother of twins and I scoured for advice and tips on what to expect to happen to my body. My mom too, was just a phone call away. It was nice to have a comforting voice to tell me ‘nothing is wrong, the baby is fine’ when bouts of hypochondria started to kick in and I thought my kidney was dying or my teeth were going to fall out from pregnancy-related bleeding gums. Who knew eh?

So, the first trimester went along just as had said. Good job, babycenter, you know your pregnancies! Then the second trimester came along and brought the vomits. I was able to manage the ‘morning’-sickness (read as: morning, noon, night and everything in-between sickness). It wasn’t as extreme as some, so I managed to stay hydrated and I was still hungry all the time. I often felt better after barfing a bit, and was able to keep some of the food down. I’m sorry if that’s TMI, but this apparently is part of the ‘miracle of life’ or something along those lines. My husband became a pro at having food ready or microwave dinners handy.

Oh, did I mention the tiredness? Yeah, extreme tiredness. Especially early on. And I was hot . . . yeah, not that kind of ‘hot’, I mean temperature hot. It was great because we spent less on heating the house that Winter for the first and last time! P.S. You can find out about how to cope with pregnancy heat here:

Fake Pro Tip: Save money on heating bill. Be pregnant in the Winter.

Anyway, I was tired (as per usual) one day, half-way through my 2nd trimester, so I went to take a nap. Partner decided to take a nap too, because why not? Actually, I worked him pretty hard, so he was exhausted. So we had a siesta. Then it was time to get up and pee because baby decided to hug my bladder. I sat up from the bed, put my first foot on the ground and immediately felt excruciating pain in my butt . . . I thought it was my tailbone. I immediately fell to the floor, all diva like with the belly. My partner jumped out of bed all panicky because that’s what jittery expectant dads do when their partners collapse without announcement. Anyway, he asked what was wrong, and I said I thought I had broken my tailbone. I had no idea how I had broken it just taking a nap, but maybe that nap was more exciting than I thought.

More importantly, I needed to pee. I crawled on my hands and knees to the bathroom, pulled myself up and okay, I’m sure you don’t need a play-by-play of that, but I managed in the bathroom. I crawled back out and my husband already had NHS on the phone and was asking for help. I tried to stand but nope. The pain in my tailbone was too unbearable as soon as I tried to stand on my feet and my hips started to feel stiff. As my partner explained the situation to the medical expert on the phone, I grabbed my computer. There was no way I was going to be able to walk anywhere, but I was going to figure out what was going on with my tailbone. How? The all powerful wizard of the internet.

So, I laid on my side, because at that point, laying on my back was causing pain on my tailbone. Like a less glamorous Cleopatra on her settee, I consulted the great and powerful by typing the letters ‘G O O G L E.’

As I looked for ‘broken tailbone’ and ‘pregnancy’, the only thoughts in my head were: “how the heck did I break my tailbone? Baby, what the heck are you doing in there, playing football?”

In case you haven’t figured out . . . this is my way of saying ‘TO BE CONTINUED.’  I told you I was new to this blogging thing. Don’t judge me!

More to come . . .

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