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The orthopaedic wedge cushion for all-day comfort.

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Our plushest, most comfortable cushion for sitting all-day in comfort.

Available in 3 firmness levels to suit your body type.

The triple-layer design cushions you with a memory foam top layer and supports your body with 2 variable density layers.

The patented cutout shape is designed to support the skeletal structure of your pelvis while removing direct contact with your tailbone.

The 13cm lift is designed to tilt your pelvis forward to mimic your natural posture while standing and maintain the spine's 'S'-shape.

The splash-proof inner lining guards against accidental spills and the removable out cover zips off for easy cleaning.

Inverted zippers prevent scratches on leather or synthetic furniture and internal vents allow for movement of air through the product.

An anti-slip base ensures your cushions stays in place.

  • SOFT Recommended User Weight:  115lbs (55kg) or less
  • MEDIUM Recommended User Weight:  115lbs (55kg) - 270 lbs (118kg)   **Most recommended and most popular**
  • FIRM Recommended User Weight:  270lbs (118kg) or more


See our Warranty and Instructions page for more information on specific usage.

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SOFT – up to 120lbs (55kg), MEDIUM – between 121lbs (55kg) and 260 lbs (118kg), FIRM – more than 260lbs (118kg)

2 reviews for Sit & Sigh ORIGINAL

  1. Colleen P.

    Have had back problems for years, since using the medium cushion when I have flare ups the pain is gone in a couple of days!

  2. Dr. S.L.

    The ORIGINAL and the GO cushions were both life savers for my back during my second pregnancy.

    By the 7th month, I had so much pain that both walking and sitting became difficult. When I sat down on the ORIGINAL for the first time I nearly cried from the relief of being able to sit without pain, and then being able to stand back up without bracing myself.

    I used the ORIGINAL at home, which allowed me to sit at the table with my family and spend meaningful time with my older child; and I brought the GO with me wherever I went–in the car, at the library, in the coffee shop, etc. It fit perfectly in my backpack and helped me go about my life!

    Now that my baby is here and my back and pelvic pain has subsided, I still use the ORIGINAL at my desk to help ease the long work hours sitting down. I can’t recommend these cushions highly enough!

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