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  • Patented folding wedge is ideal for when you want a more comfortable seat when on the go
  • Perfect for travelling on a plane or train as we often sit for several hours on uncomfortable seats
  • Patented cutout removes direct pressure on your coccyx
  • Wedge tips your pelvis forward to reduce strain on your lower back
  • Carry handle makes it easy to clip onto luggage or bags
  • Breathable cover allows airflow to keep you cooler
  • Ultra-light at only 490g
  • Supports your lower back in any chair
  • Adjustable height gives you support exactly where you need it
  • 3-point strap system stays in place once you set it
  • Use at the office, at home or even in the car* for support
  • Maintain the natural ‘S’-curve to your low back for maximum comfort

*Always maintain the recommended safe distance from your steering wheel and dashboard

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